Silvestri Sport Horses aims to develop well-educated horses and riders in a safe, supportive, and fun environment in which to learn and improve. Whether you are new to horses and want to learn to ride and be a good horseman or horsewoman, or you are a seasoned competitor, they support your goals.

Adrianna has a wide variety of experience in equestrian activities and enjoys introducing people to many different horse-sports. She has competed in Dressage, Eventing, Hunter/Jumpers, Sorting, and Working Equitation competitions and has worked with top professionals such as Jimmy Wofford, Mike Huber, Brian Sabo, Jose MC Lopes, Carlos Carneiro, and Lientje Schuler.

Silvestri Sport Horses focuses on classical dressage principles to build a strong base for horses and riders alike. Developing rideable, supple and through horses sets each pair up for success in any discipline they choose. Riders who learn to feel where the horse’s body is at any given moment are more successful in creating a solid partnership with their horse.

Most importantly… we like to have fun! Creating a rewarding partnership with your horse should put a smile upon your face. And, we hope we can help you achieve that! Whether you are just getting started, or have years of experience, we’re here to help.