Nos Vemos, Capricho.


Last week I loaded the family into the truck and trailer and made the trek to Apple Valley, California to deliver Capricho to his new owner, Manuel.  It was a bit of an adventure, but all the passengers behaved like seasoned travelers and we arrived early last Thursday morning at Manuel’s ranch.

Capricho is the first horse I have felt attached to in a very long time.  As a professional, loads of horses have crossed my path and I have enjoyed working with all of them.  But, we purchased Capricho when he was nearly two years old and have been working with him for nearly 6 years.  He is a very special horse that has taught me so much.  He has an incredible amount of heart and is always tuned into the rider.  You just have to think about the next movement and you have it.

Many of my students asked me why I sold him back in February… Such a special horse should stay, right?  However, we purchased Capricho and another colt as sale prospects and business must go on.  Capricho had some time off when we moved from California to Arizona and when I began to work him again, I re-listed him for sale.

Manuel, his new owner, contacted me and then came to see the horse.  He is committed to the horse having the best possible training and care, which was evident from the beginning.  I was fortunate to keep the horse in training over the past seven months while he ironed out the training situation at his place.  And, finally, it was time for Capricho to head out.

Capricho settled in well and was a perfect gentleman for his new rider.  She took several lessons with me and got a nice feel for the ease of riding him.  I am confident that he will continue to improve and progress under her careful management.  And, I get to fly out to teach her and Capricho every couple months!  So, nos vemos, Capricho!

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