In order to go fast, one must go slow.

31947484_1734270696686196_1599038439087407104_oWelcome to Silvestri Sport Horses!  The journey to becoming a horseman or woman is long.  It is at once challenging and illuminating.  For every discovery you make, the horse shows you how much you still have to learn.  Despite the odds of mastery, I don’t know anyone who would willingly abandon this relationship between us and our horses.

It is a lifetime and then some to learn to ride a horse, but we make our biggest leaps in understanding when we slow down and abandon our human sense of accomplishment or productivity.  In these moments, where time has no meaning, we successfully remove all our stubborn resistance and can excel in understanding our role as a rider.

The same can be said for most things in life.  When we ‘slow our roll’ and find alignment, we can accomplish nearly anything.  It seems a conundrum in the fast paced society we’re faced with, but tapping into our best selves gives us incredible results, more than we can imagine.

Silvestri Sport Horses has been slow in it’s development because it has taken me an age to recognize my purpose and give myself over to the process.  This business is part teaching, part sharing and largely meant to be an experiment in ‘Learning LIVE’.  My education is certainly not finished and I want you to benefit from my experiences and these conversations so that you can find your path to mindful, inspired horsemanship and the best possible relationship with your horse.

Happy riding!


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